Learn how to use Qboxmail to your best advantage.


Panel is the control panel, available on desktop, smartphone, and tablet. It allows you to manage all Qboxmail services in complete autonomy.

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Webmail is the corporate communication suite that allows you to send and read emails, directly from the web, both from PC and smartphone. It also enables you to readily manage and share your contacts and calendars.

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Email Archive allows you to keep all emails sent and received by users in total security, with no space limitations or risk of cancellation.

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Mail Time Machine

Mail Time Machine is the tool that grants you access to the backups of an email account from today until 15 days ago.

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Everything you need to correctly set up all parameters of the webmail and start using the Qboxmail services that you need.

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Find out more about the features included in the Qboxmail mail suite, including logo customization, white label, and more.

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In this page, you can find information about the billing system and the types of payment supported on Qboxmail.

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APIs allow you to connect your applications with Qboxmail systems to automate the use and monitoring processes of your mailing system.

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WHMCS Module

The Qboxmail module for WHMCS allows resellers to sell Qboxmail mailboxes to customers directly from your WHMCS installation.

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Email Delivery

Email Delivery is the Qboxmail service designed for sending large volumes of email messages via the SMTP protocol. It can be used to send transactional or promotional email messages.

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