Mail Time Machine

Mail TM

Mail Time Machine is a tool that allows you to access backups of an email account from today until 15 days ago.

You can access Mail TM (MTM) at https://mtm.qboxmail.com/, entering the login credentials of the email account and selecting the day for which you want to view the backup. Once logged in, you will see an interface completely identical to a webmail, but with limited functionality because the backups are read-only.

In the MTM initially only the default folders are displayed: Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, Spam. If the user has created additional folders, you can make them visible by accessing the Folder Manager menu (gear icon at the bottom of left).

Backups are performed, via NetApp Snapshot technology, every day at midnight and therefore contain all messages from all the folders present at that particular time in the user box on our servers.


Through Mail TM you can:

  • consult the emails present in the backup
  • download individual email messages in EML format
  • download more emails in MBOX or Maildir format

To download one or more messages select the ones you want and then click Actions > Download from the menu. For more details, read the recovery documentation.

Backups are read-only and their contents cannot be deleted or modified. Backups are a "photo" of the data on our servers relating to a single email address at a given time. If your email account is configured in POP 3 without copying the messages to our server, it will not be possible to recover erroneously deleted messages as there is no trace on the server and therefore the backup would be empty. On the contrary, if you are configured in POP 3 with a copy of the messagges on the server or in IMAP, the messages will be present on the server and it will be possible to recover them.

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