Backup and recovery


A backup is a copy of the data generated in the Webmail that is saved to avoid unpleasant situations in case of data loss caused by human error or other types of accident. In our case, the backup is performed on the users' email accounts to prevent the loss of one or more messages due to accidental cancellation by the user. Our systems perform backups of all email accounts every day at midnight, store them and make them read-only for the user for 15 days, thanks to Mail Time Machine (MTM).

Backups are a 'picture' of the data on our servers relating to an email address at a given time. If your email account is configured in POP3 and you delete messages, it will not be possible to recover deleted messages because they are not on the server and the backup would be empty. Conversely, if your account is configured in IMAP, the messages will be available on the server and it will be possible to recover them.


Thanks to backups that are performed every day, you can recover one or more messages deleted by mistake. Backups do not guarantee that recovery is always possible. For example, emails received and deleted between one backup window and another will not be shown and messages deleted by the user configured in POP 3 will not be available without leaving a copy of the messages on the server.

You can choose between 2 types of recovery:

  • Download of individual messages : the download allows you to keep selected messages in ELM format within your device. From Mail TM you can download single messages in total autonomy. To do this, access the Mail Time Machine, find the message to download, right-click and then click Download.

  • Restore messages in the email account : if you have mistakenly deleted multiple messages, entire folders or all the mail of an email account, you can request to perform a restore to one of the 15 days prior to today's date. With the restore, the deleted messages will be available and visible in the email account again. To request a restore, log into the Mail Time Machine, select the date corresponding to the backup you want to restore and click the Request restore button. The admin will receive an email with the restore request and an invitation to confirm or decline the operation. To refuse or confirm the operation, access the panel as admin, click on Restore requests and choose whether to confirm or reject the request.

    Each backup is maintained for 15 days. It will be possible to confirm a reset only within the time limits indicated in the panel.

If the request is accepted, the operation will be executed immediately and the user will receive a confirmation email upon completion.

If the request is denied, the user will receive an email denying the operation.

The operation has an extra cost that will be invoiced as soon as we receive the confirmation of the operation.

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