External systems configuration

To configure an e-mail client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird), it is necessary to set the connection parameters to the SMTP server that will take care of sending the e-mails.

In the most common mail clients, search for the Account Settings voice and then go to the Outgoing Server (SMTP) settings.

Then click on the Add button and fill in the fields with the information given below.

SMTP Server connection parameters

Fill in the fields for outgoing server (SMTP) configuration as follows:

Parameter Value
Description We recommend that you enter the description you chose when creating your account in the Control Panel.
Hostname or Server Name smtp.smtpfy.com
Port 587 or 25 with STARTTLS encryption, or 465 with SSL/TLS encryption.
Connection security STARTTLS (with port 587 or 25) or SSL/TLS (with port 465).
Authentication method Normal password
User name The random user name provided by the Control Panel.
Password The random password generated by the system (to be regenerated on the Control Panel in the event of loss).


Port 587 and STARTTLS encryption: SMTP server configuration port 587

Port 465 and SSL/TLS encryption: SMTP server configuration port 465

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