The configuration of the bulk Email Delivery service is based on the three basic steps described below. Once logged into the Control Panel, simply go to the Email Delivery section and follow the steps below to configure the service without encountering any difficulties.

Step 1 - Create an account

When creating a user account, you will need to choose the type of messages you wish to send (transactional or promotional emails) and the payment plan (free, subscription, prepaid). You can create as many accounts as you need, each with its own plan. More details...

Only the free plan is available in the Beta version.

Step 2 - Add Domains

Previously registered domains must be entered into our system for approval. You will have to pass the verification and approval procedures before you can submit your domains. More details...

Step 3 - Account-Domain Association

Associate each user with the domains you intend to use to send emails with the subscribed plan. You can associate a variable number of domains to each user, depending on the plan subscribed to. More details...

Step 4 - Configure your application

To be able to use the Email Delivery service, you must also configure your email delivery application (e-commerce application, marketing application, management software, etc.). More details...

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