Presentation of the service

Email Delivery is the Qboxmail service designed for sending large volumes of email messages via the SMTP protocol. Email Delivery can be used to send transactional or promotional email messages.

The service is designed for customers who need to send email messages in large quantities and without hourly or daily limits, directly from their applications such as e-commerce, management and invoicing software, marketing applications for sending newsletters, simply by setting up the traditional SMTP protocol.

Configuration and management of the service is available on the Qboxmail Control Panel.

What is an SMTP server?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a way to send email from one mail server to another. If, instead of using SMTP, you use a personal email address to send marketing campaigns or transactional emails to a long list of contacts, you may run into the following problems:

  • being restricted on sending volume and speed limits
  • being marked as spam

By using the SMTP protocol, it is possible to send emails using reputable infrastructures that guarantee the best possible deliverability.

Service advantages

The Qboxmail Email Delivery service has been developed with the aim of simplifying management problems. For this, the following distinguishing features have been implemented, with a focus on reputation management, which to date many providers leave as a burden on their customers:

  • Each customer's reputation is confined and separated from that of other users without the need to purchase a dedicated IP address.
  • Dedicated sending reputation and suppression lists separated by account.
  • Customers are automatically and constantly repositioned to the most suitable sending pool for them.
  • Monthly or annual prepaid subscription plans.
  • Possibility to continue sending even when the purchased message limit is reached.
  • Allow each customer to create multiple accounts and purchase a dedicated plan for each.

Why choose Qboxmail Email Delivery

  • Maximum flexibility in sending plans - Free, prepaid, monthly subscription.

  • Sending pools and reputation per customer - Numerous sending pools according to customer needs, dedicated reputation separate from other customers.

  • Deliverability - The service is designed to ensure the best possible deliverability for all customers, avoiding abuse and rewarding those who send quality content.

  • Extra Email Messages - To never run out of messages, purchase extra email to respond to peak times (of orders or bookings) in exceptional cases, during holidays or promotions.

  • Technical support - The Qboxmail team is always available to help you solve your deliverability problems.

  • Service reliability - We are the developer of the sending platform and are able to guarantee the best quality of email service, even for large volumes.

  • Control Panel/Features - Via the control panel you manage your accounts, authorised sending domains, control sending reputation and manage suppression lists.

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