Suppression list

Elements of the suppression list

The e-mail addresses that make up the suppression list are all addresses that have generated a bounce or have reported communications received as spam (complaints). Addresses that have generated a bounce are automatically added to the list, while complaints must be entered manually.
The management of subscribing and unsubscribing users to lists for promotional campaigns is delegated to the application used for mailing.

When a customer is about to send a campaign, the suppression list intervenes and suppresses sending to all those contacts who should no longer receive the communications and who may still be on one or more lists. Messages sent to addresses contained in the suppression list are therefore not counted among the messages sent by the account.

Since a customer may manage several accounts, when manually adding one or more addresses to the list it is possible to specify whether the block should be active globally or only for specific accounts.

Details and editing

By clicking on an address in the list, you have access to its details. The sending restriction rules set can be consulted and changed.


To export the entire suppression list simply click on the Export Suppression List button on the top right of the suppression list main page. A downloadable .csv file will be generated.

Adding/removing addresses

When a mailing fails (e.g. a bounce) the recipient address is automatically added to the suppression list.
It is also possible to manually enter addresses for which you want to set restriction rules, either by importing address lists or by adding individual addresses. We explain how to do this below.

Sending messages to addresses in the suppression list can be re-enabled by clicking on 'Enable Delivery' or by deleting the address from the list. Both options are available in the context menu accessible via the icon moreIcon

Importing an address list

To import an address list, press the Import List button on the main page of the suppression list.
On the page that opens, you can download a sample file so that you can set up the file with your list correctly.
Once your file in .csv format is ready it can be uploaded and the addresses it contains will be imported into the suppression list.

Adding a single address

To add a single address, press the + Address button on the main page of the suppression list.
On the page that opens you must enter the address, indicate the reason for suppression and select the restrictions you wish to apply.

  • Select "Block e-mails sent from all accounts" if you want to prevent sending from all accounts and domains (including future ones). This option is useful e.g. for addresses that have generated a bounce.
  • If you only want to prevent sending from specific accounts, then make a point selection.

    If you select an account, then sending will be prevented for all domains associated with it, including those that will be associated with it in the future.

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