SMTP Policy

Qboxmail guarantees a high level of deliverability of emails sent from its SMTP servers. In order to maintain a high service guarantee we have set up, on our SMTPs, security measures against password theft (Account Takeover Protection), correct use policies and sending limits.

Account Takeover Protection

The Account Takeover is a type of attack with which criminals manage to steal the victim's identity by stealing their login credentials.

Qboxmail includes an Account Takeover Protection system. Protection consists of various levels of analysis and procedures. Access to email boxes is constantly monitored and if abnormal, due to time or origin, they can trigger an alarm.

When a suspicious activity is identified, it is automatically notified to both the user and his manager and the anomalous activity is immediately inhibited.

Through the control panel it is possible to analyze these suspicious activities through Etlive, and it is possible to apply additional security measures such as two-factor authentication, blocking the rejection of old passwords, or restrict access to email accounts only from IP addresses trusted or from corporate VPNs.

Policy for the correct use of SMTP services

Below are some of the permitted and unacceptable activities that customers and users must follow.

  • It is allowed to send personal emails from the user's email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Webmail or other email clients)
  • It is allowed to send transactional emails from your billing / e-commerce systems
  • it is not allowed to send newsletters / email marketing
  • any other type of abuse, deemed such due to the fact that it may affect the operation of other users, provides for the temporary blocking of the SMTP service

Qboxmail SMTP sending limits

The authenticated SMTP provided with the email hosting service must be used within the following limits:

  • personal emails can be sent by the user's email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Webmail or other email clients)
  • it is possible to send transactional emails from billing/e-commerce systems
  • sending newsletters/email marketing is not allowed
  • the maximum size of messages that can be sent is 50 MB
  • the maximum number of recipients for each individual submission is 150
  • the maximum number of authentications that can be executed within 30 minutes is 300
  • the maximum number of different IP addresses from which it is possible to authenticate within 30 minutes is 5
  • any other type of abuse, considered as such due to the fact that it can affect the operations of other users, provides for the temporary blocking of the SMTP service
  • messages must have a sender that is an active domain on Qboxmail

Starting from the above limits, it is possible to send a maximum number of emails per single email account equal to 1000 messages per day. When this threshold is exceeded, SMTP returns a "Quota exceeded (number of messages in total)" error.

Additional SMTP send packages

If you wish to use our SMTP to send transactional emails from billing systems, order management and ecommerce (our SMTP are compatible with WordPress, Magento, Prestashop and almost all CMS) you can purchase additional delivery packages for the following costs:

Additional SMTP send packages Monthly cost
2.000 total messages per day for email accounts 3.00 €+VAT/month
5.000 total messages per day for email accounts 6.00 €+VAT/month
10.000 total messages per day for email accounts 12.00 €+VAT/month

You can purchase additional packages directly from the control panel, by selecting Domain> Email Accounts> General> Sending Limits and choosing the desired package.

The amount will be automatically added to the next invoice.

If you use the annual plan, the SMTP service invoice will also be annual and will coincide with the expiry date of the service.

We remind you that all emails sent by our SMTP are automatically signed with DKIM. For more information on DKIM signing, consult the relevant documentation.

Antispam and Anti-abuse policy

The policies and limits on our SMTP are necessary to prevent any black list or penalty, to avoid any maximum sending of emails from "botnets" that could have been fraudulently acquired by a user's password or to avoid any abuse by users of the service itself.

The policy violation requires the account to be blocked at the SMTP level if an abnormal activity of connecting to the server or sending emails is detected. By anomalous activity we mean a high number of SMTP authentications in a few minutes, simultaneous authentication from several IP addresses distinct from one another or sending messages containing spam/phishing. With the SMTP block all other functions, including email consultation, remain active.

The block has been designed in such a way that it does not come into operation during the normal activity of sending emails using the classic consulting tools and sending emails (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone, Webmail or other email clients) . On the contrary, the block can be activated if the account is entered in automated systems for sending emails (such as Sendblaster or other software for sending a maximum number of newsletters) or if you send mass emails from your e-mail or webmail client.

Unblocking SMTP

You can unblock an account that has entered "SMTP block" regardless of the control panel by going to Domains > Domain name > Blocked email account > Settings > General > Services > reactivate access to the SMTP connection > Save.

Before unlocking, we ask you to scan the user's PC first to make sure there are no viruses or malware and then to change a locked account password. For added security, additional measures can be activated such as limiting the IP address or two-factor authentication.

If as a result of the unblocking of new abuses by the same user, the account will be blocked by our operators and will remain blocked until we have received his reply of interruption of the abuse with the confirmation of the resolution of the problem that caused the sending spam/phishing e-mails (usually a PC infected with a virus that steals your e-mail password).

Monitoring of email messages through Etlive

Through ETLive > Mail Send , available in the control panel, it is possible to have a detail of the emails sent by the email accounts of a specific domain. This can help diagnose the causes of the blockage.

Spam from the compromised SMTP account and analyzed by Etlive

The SMTP service analyzes outgoing emails to detect the presence of viruses or spam, in the event that these messages contain material that is harmful to the recipient users or the reputation of sending the servers Qboxmail is not allowed.

Sending limits during the trial period

During the free trial period the number of messages that can be sent is reduced to 25, per email account, for a period of 24 hours in order to avoid abuse. When this limit is exceeded, the SMTP server you are sending will return the error "Quota exceeded (total number of messages)". The counter is automatically reset 24 hours after the first sending. The limit is removed once an order is completed from the control panel.

Dedicated SMTP server

If you need to send large amounts of email without incurring these limits, you can use the authenticated dedicated SMTP service that allows you to send unlimited emails. For information on costs and activation contact us via Ticket.

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