Add a delegate

To add a delegate, find the Delegates item in the control panel sidebar and click on the + Delegate button, which allows you to complete all steps of the creation procedure. Once the procedure is completed, the new delegate will appear on your Delegates list.

  • Delegate > + Delegate

Step 1 - New delegate

Enter the details of whom will use the account.

  1. Enter the users's name;
  2. Enter the user's last name;
  3. Enter the name of the user's company;
  4. Enter the user's email address.

Step 2 - Time limits

Set the time frame within which the user will be able to access the archive.

  1. Set an expiration date for the user account.
  2. Set a time frame for reviewing the contents for the user.

Step 3 - Content Access

Set the access limits to the contents of the archives for the user.

  1. Select the domain to which the accounts of which the user may lose vision belong.
  2. Select the email accounts of which the user can lose vision and choose which contents to make visible:
Object The delegate can only see sender/receipient, subject and date of the account messages.
All The delegate can view the entire contents of the account messages.
Ignore The delegate is not authorized to view the contents of the account.

It is possible to authorize the delegate to view the accounts of several domains.

Step 4 - Delegate creation summary

To complete the procedure click on the Create button. Once the delegate creation procedure is completed, this will be visible on your Delegates list.

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