Import messages

To import messages of an email account with active archive, click on the name of the email account in the list of email accounts, select the Details item from the available tabs, and click the Start import.

  • Archive > Domain name > Account email name > Details > Start importing

The import allows to add all old messages currently present in an email account to the archive. The procedure distinguishes messages by year and between received and sent. The import will include all messages sent or received within the time frame set for the account's archive. Messages older than the selcted time fram won't be transferred.

You can only import messages from an email account configured with the IMAP protocol.

  1. Click on the Start Import button.
  2. Select the folders you wish to import in the email account and choose where to store the messages they contain.
  3. Complete the procedure by clicking on the Import button.
Folders Description
Received The contents of the folder are stored in Received Messages.
Sent The contents of the folder are stored in Sent Messages.
Ignore The contents of the folder are not archived.
The import procedure can be performed only once and can take a few hours to complete.

At the end of the procedure, a confirmation email will be sent to notify that the procedure is completed. You can follow the import status in the details section of your mailbox.

Once the import is completed and all messages are successfully stored into the archive, you can delete messages from your email account to free up space, if needed.

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