Introduction to Archive

What is Email Archive

Archive Email is a Qboxmail tool that allows you to keep your emails safe for up to 10 years. The archive allows you to keep and view all your emails in read-only mode, without space limitations and without the risk of deleting important messages.

The archive lets you:

  • View received and sent (archived) messages, organized by year;
  • Search email messages thanks to a full text indexing system;
  • Mark important messages by adding a star icon;
  • View the source code of a message: year > received / sent > message > view source;
  • View a message in .txt format: year > received / sent > message > view .txt;
  • Print a message: year > received / sent > message > print;
  • Export individual messages in .eml format: year > received / sent> message > export;
  • Download all or individual attachments of a message.

How Email Archive works

The Email Archive is an optional service that can be activated on an entire domain or on individual email accounts. It allows to keep a copy of all messages received and sent by users without software or plugins to install, directly in cloud.

Archive Email has no space limitations.

When activating the archive, you will be able to archive some or all of the messages in your email account through a wizard guiding you during the phase of importing your messages. Once the archive is activated, all new messages sent and received by your email account will be automatically copied in the archive.

Messages are automatically divided between received and sent, and organized by year.

You can decide the number of years of storage, choosing a number of years between 1 and 10.

Messages older than the chosen storage period will be automatically deleted from the archive.

Who can activate Email Archive

The activation and management of the archive is overseen by an admin and, if present, by a team member or manager (if authorized). Each one of these users can activate, modify or deactivate the archiving service on the domains they manage, based on customer requests and the limits set by their profile or billing plan.

Who can access email archive

More people can access the email archive of an email account:

  • User of the email account that has an active archive. Users can access with the same login credentials as their email account.

  • Delegate, a person who can be assigned certain access privileges to the user archive. The delegate's account is strictly personal.

The Delegate is a special user available to use for companies that need to access their own archives or external consultants, legal figures, auditors, auditors or delegates internal to the company. Delegates can be created and managed by the admin, by the team member and if authorized by the managers.

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