Activation and access

How to activate Email Archive

To activate the archive on one or more email accounts, follow the steps below:

  1. First, make sure that your Qboxmail service plan includes an archivation option. If you have a monthly plan, you could proceed adding the function in total autonomy and the function will be billed automatically. However, if you have an annual plan, we invite you to contact us for a quote to include the archival service;
  2. Access the Control Panel and check/set in the domain limits the maximum number of archives that can be activated (set -1 if you want an unlimited number of archives);
  3. Access the Control Panel and follow the procedure archive activation;
  4. Once the archive is activated, if you want to copy the messages in your Email Account to the Archive, you need to import your messages. At the end of the import, you will receive an email message;
  5. Access the Archive and verify that the import of messages was completed successfully;
  6. Now, if you want, you can delete some messages from your email account to free up space. The messages will remain in the archive in read-only mode, unless they are older than the archivation time limits sets at the moment of creation of the archive. If that is the case, the email will be automatically deleted.

Access to Email Archive

To access the Email Archive, you must have activated the service on at least one domain and an email account.

Your domain administrator may have restricted access to your archive only when you are connected to the corporate VPN.

Archived messages are hosted on their own interface, which is separate from Webmail, and can be accessed at https://vault.qboxmail.com.

Users can access the archive using the same login credentials as the Webmail. In addition, Delegates (if present) can access the archive with the User IDs assigned to them.

If you have activated two-factor authentication (2FA), you will be asked to enter an additional OTP code when attempting to access the archive.

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