Contact List

Contact list

A list is a set of pre-determined contacts that you can send one or more email messages to, without having to enter the recipients individually each time. You can create, edit, and delete a list at any time by logging into Webmail.

When composing a message, you can choose whether to enter the names of the individual recipients, or directly type the name of a list. If you enter a list, the email addresses of all members belonging to that list will automatically appear in the To field.

Create a list

To create a list, access the Webmail > Address Book ContactsIcon and click on the arrowDownIcon button on the right-hand side of the New contact button > New list.

Select the address book containing the contacts that you wish to add to the list.

It is not possible to add contacts from different directories to the lists.

Choose a Name List for the list you want to create and add the contacts by simply clicking on them.

You will be allowed to add up to 150 contacts for each list created and you can delete or add contacts to your list at any time. Finally, click on Save to proceed.

You will be able to find your list in the address book it belongs to. When searching for it, just type its name. Lists are easily distinguished from contacts thanks to a different icon: listIcon.

Manage a list

You can manage your lists by accessing the Webmail > Address Book>. Search the list you need among the contacts of the belonging category, select the list, and choose the action you want to perform:

Icon Action Description
Send Email Send an email to all the contacts in the list. Clicking on the icon will directly open the message composition window.
shareIcon Share Share the contacts in the list with another person. Sharing will take place through a VCF file.
sourceIcon Show VCard View the list's VCard file.
downloadIcon Download VCard Download the VCard file of the list.
editIcon Edit Edit the address book, name, and contacts in the list.
trashIcon Delete Delete the list.

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