Webmail is the corporate communication suite, developed by Qboxmail, that allows you to read and send e-mails, manage and share your contacts and calendars or exchange instant messages via chat with your colleagues. You can use Webmail easily and quickly directly from the web, without having to install software or configure devices.

Accessing from your favorite device (smartphone, tablet or notebook) you will have all the essential elements to better manage daily communications, both inside and outside the office.

Webmail is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari browsers.


The plans define the features and functionalities available for a domain and for all its email accounts. You can take advantage of many features, available depending on the plan chosen for the domain.

  • Basic - The Basic plan has been designed for professionals or companies that want a convenient and quality service. With the Basic plan you will have access to all the basic Qboxmail service management features, essential security policies and the Webmail Mail and Address book modules, as well as to Archive management and Mail Time Machine access. With the Basic plan, email accounts with a maximum size of 25 GB can be activated.

  • Professional - The professional plan is aimed at companies that need to coordinate and communicate with all their collaborators in a simple and intuitive way. With the Professional plan you will have access to Qboxmail's advanced service management features, advanced security policies and Webmail Mail, Address Book and Calendar modules, as well as Archive management and Mail Time Machine access. With the Professional plan, email accounts with a maximum size of 50 GB can be activated.

  • Enterprise - The enterprise plan was designed for organizations that need advanced communication tools for their employees and high security for the use of services. With the Enterprise plan you will have access to the advanced management services of Qboxmail services, to all the available security policies and to the Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Chat (soon available) and Meeting (soon available) Webmail modules, as well as to the management of Archive and access to Mail Time Machine. With the Enterprise plan, email accounts with a maximum size of 100 GB can be activated.

You can find all the details and features of the Basic, Professional and Enterprise plans on the Compare Plans table on the Qboxmail website.

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