View and manage contacts


You can view all contacts listed in an address book by selecting the latter in the sidebar of the Address book module.

Icon Name Directory Description
allContactsIcon All contacts Include all the contacts in all your address books.
companyContactsIcon Corporate contacts Contains all contacts belonging to your colleagues.
(i.e. contacts belonging to the same domain as yours)
personalContactsIcon Personal contacts Contains your personal contacts.

Manage contacts

To create a new contact, click on the button New contact or NewContactIcon in the sidebar, fill in the necessary fields, and Click on the Save button to add the contact to the preferred address book.

Field Description
Avatar Contact image. If not uploaded, the system will produce a graphic based on the name of the contact or the domain of the email address associated with it.
Address Book Name of address book that the contact is added to.
Name Contact name.
Surname Contact last name.
Role Position of the contact in the company they belong to.
Team Name of the team the contact belongs to.
Company Name of the company the contact belongs to.
Email Contact email address(es). You can enter multiple email addresses.
Telephone Contact phone number(s). You can enter multiple phone numbers.
Address Contact address(es). You can enter multiple addresses.
Display name Display name of the contact.
Nickname Contact nickname.
Birthday Date of birth of the contact.
Notes Notes related to the contact.

To add one or more fields to the contact file, click on the + Add field button.

To edit a contact, select the contact from the list, click on the Edit icon EditIcon, make the changes, and click on the Save button to confirm.

To delete a contact, select the contact from the list, click on the Trash icon TrashIcon, and click on the Delete button to confirm.

To share a contact, select the contact from the list and click on the Share icon ShareIcon. A new email composition window will open automatically with the contact you want to share attached.

You can import one or more contacts into an address book through the import procedure below.

Import contacts

If you want to add contacts in the Webmail, you can do so individually or in a batch through an import.

To begin an import procedure, go to Contacts > right-click on the name of the address book where you want the contacts to be imported to > Import contacts > Upload the file in vCard format > Import newContactIcon

  • Contacts > right-click on the selected address book > Import contacts > Upload the vCard file > Import newContactIcon

A file in vCard format (or VCF, Virtual Contact File) is a file with a specific format used primarily in place of an electronic business card.

Export contacts

Exporting contacts allows you to save a vCard or ldif format file containing all contacts of a specific Address book on your device. This file is useful for importing contacts from an old provider to a new one.

Export contacts from previous client

Many mail providers allow the export of contacts in vCard (or VCF, Virtual Contact File) format, a file type specifically used as electronic business card.

You can export your contacts directly from your previous provider to vCard by going to Contacts or Address Book or Tools> Export contacts (in vCard format). These include Thunderbird, Roundcube, Google etc. For more information, please consult the documentation provded by your previous provider.

Other email providers such as Outlook allow the export of contacts in ldif format. In this case, you will need to install a software that will convers the file from Idif to vCard on your device.

Export contacts via Webmail

You can also export contacts via your webmail by clicking on Contacts > right-click on the name of the address book that you wish to export the contacts from > Export contacts > Choose the format (ldif or vCard) > Export downloadIcon

  • Contacts > right-click on the address book > Export contacts > Choose the format (ldif or vCard) > Export downloadIcon

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