Mozilla Thunderbird

This guide helps you configure the Mozilla Thunderbird client to access the email, address book, and calendar services offered by Qboxmail.

This way, your emails, address book, and calendars on Webmail will synchronize with Mozilla Thunderbird. New contacts or events created in Webmail will also appear on Thunderbird and vice versa.

If you need to configure your email account using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync, go to the dedicated guide.


  • An active mailbox on Qboxmail;
  • A domain with Professional or Enterprise plan to access the directory and calendar sharing services;
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (version 60 or higher, downloadable here);
  • Qboxmail Plugin (downloadable here).


To ensure a best user experience, we recommend using version 68 of Thunderbird.

The choice of a Qboxmail plugin is linked to the version of Thunderbird used (version 60 or 68), your Qboxmail plan, and whether or not you need white label. Therefore, you must choose the suitable plugin among those available.

Access to the Address Book and Calendar sharing services are only available for domains with a Professional or Enterprise plan.

Email configuration

To configure the Qboxmail email account on Mozilla Thunderbird, you need to use the POP or IMAP protocols for receiving messages and SMTP for sending.

  • In Menu ( ☰ ), click on Settings;
  • Go to Account settings;
  • In the pop up window, click on Account Actions;
  • Choose Add Mail Account.

Enter the data relating to your email account.

  • Name: the name to be displayed as the sender in the emails sent by the program;
  • Email address: your email address, as well as the username of the mail account;
  • Password: the password of the email account.

In this screen, you must manually set the connection parameters to the Qboxmail email services.

White Label access parameters are available for Resellers to be set in their users' email clients. By using White Label parameters, any direct reference to Qboxmail will be removed. You can download the PDF file with White Label settings (login required) for access to the services from the customer area after login.

The username (which corresponds to the email address) and the password are the same for both the incoming and outgoing servers.

To check and validate the configurations you entered, click on the "Re-test" button to make a connection test.

Once the configuration is complete, click on the "Done" button. This will close the window and Thunderbird will begin to synchronize the account's mail.

Address book configuration

To synchronize and share the Qboxmail address book with Thunderbird, you must install the plugin from the link provided in the "Essentials" section on this page. Based on the version of Thunderbird installed on your computer, you must choose the version of the corresponding Connector and Integrator plugin.

With version 68 Thunderbird, the Integrator plugin has been included in the Connector, so you will only need to download Connector. There are also various plugin versions based on your chosen plan and whether you need to use the white label parameters or not.

Once you have downloaded the necessary files, you can install them by following the steps shown below:

  • In Menu ( ☰ ), click on Add-ons;
  • Click again on Add-ons;
  • In the left menu, choose Extensions;
  • Click on the ⚙ (gear) icon;
  • Select the item Install add-on from file ... and select the downloaded plugin;
  • Click on Add;
  • Restart Thunderbird by clicking on the Restart now button;
  • Enter the data relating to the account to be configured in the window that will open on the screen.

Once you are done, the address book will be correctly configured and synchronized within Thunderbird.

To verify that the installation process was successful, you can view the address books by clicking on the Address Book button on the action bar.

Calendar configuration

To synchronize and share your calendar, you must own a Professional or Enterprise plan, as specified in the Compatibility section of this page.

If the plan is compatible, the calendars configured on the Qboxmail platform and related events will also be visible in Thunderbird, after installing our plugin, as shown in the previous section.

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