DKIM signature settings

What is a DKIM signature

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) signature is an email message authentication method that identifies the actual identity of the domain sending the messages. It helps prevent spoofing on outgoing messages.

What is a DKIM signature for?

The DKIM signature allows you to identify if a message was actually sent from your provider's SMTP servers. Having a DKIM signature active on all your sent emails is a good practice and can be very useful in case of analysis following a cyber incident. The signature allows you to determine if the message was actually sent by you and that it has not been modified after you sent it.

Set up a DKIM signature

All email messages sent by Qboxmail's SMTPs are digitally signed, by default, with a shared DKIM signature. This happens in order to increase their reputation and ensure greater security. No setting or modification of the domain DNS is therefore necessary, as DKIM signature is already active.

With Qboxmail, it is possible to set up a customized DKIM signature for a single domain, if necessary. Custom DKIM signatures can be activated from your Control Panel by following the guide Set a custom DKIM signature per domain.

Before activating a custom DKIM signature for your domain, make sure the SPF record is correctly set up.

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