MX records settings

MX records determine the mail servers of destination for all delivered emails addressed to a specific domain.

To receive email addressed to the domains you actived on Qboxmail, you must set the MX records as indicated by us and remove the current ones, using the DNS management panel of your provider.

You can use Qboxmail services regardless of the provider that you registered your domain with and you will have access to the DNS management panel of your domain.

MX record with Qboxmail label

Remove current MX records and replace them with the following:

MX primary: mx01.qboxmail.com with priority 10

MX secondary : mx02.qboxmail.com with priority 20

Name/Host/Alias Record Type Priority Destination
Blank or @ MX 10 mx01.qboxmail.com
Blank or @ MX 20 mx02.qboxmail.com

After making changes to the MX records of your domain, you can verify their correct application from the terminal or the shell by starting the "nslookup" command. This must contain a result similar to the following:

$ nslookup -q = mx example.com example.com mail exchanger = 10 mx01.qboxmail.com example.com mail exchanger = 20 mx02.qboxmail.com

MX record with White label

When using White Label parameters, any direct reference to Qboxmail will be removed. Please download the White Label parameters (login required) from the manager area to correctly carry out the configuration. With the White Label option, it is not possible to enter custom MX records. The configuration of the white label is included in the cost of the service.

MX record with Private label

If you have purchased the Private Label service, you can customize the MX records by entering the name of your domain. The Private Label configuration is a project-based service, not included in the cost of the service.

Automatic check of MX records

The Qboxmail control panel periodically checks the correctness of the DNS settings and automatically reports, using a red icon, which domains have encountered problems with MX records. After correcting any problems, it is necessary to wait for the results of the automatic checks the next day.

A notification of problems in the DNS configuration of the domain does not automatically imply that the email service does not work. It is just an invitation to verify that the MX record settings are correct.

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