DAV connection parameters

The SOGo installation made available on Qboxmail can also be used as a CalDAV and CardDAV server by any client or plugin that supports these protocols.

Access to CalDAV and CardDAV services is available for domains with Professional or Enterprise plans only.

Qboxmail provides the services but does not deal with the configuration and management of the user's devices and programs. It is therefore the customer's responsibility to ensure the correct configuration and resolution of problems regarding the configurations of the services for their users.

CalDAV calendar

Below is the access link to your personal calendar, through CalDAV:

  • https://dav.qboxmail.com/SOGo/dav/name@domain.com/Calendar/personal/

CardDAV address book

To access to your personal address book via CardDAV follow the link:

  • https://dav.qboxmail.com/SOGo/dav/name@domain.com/Contacts/personal/

In both examples, replace name@domain.com with your email address. You will then be asked for a login username and password — the username is always your email address.

Additional address books and calendars

If your client supports "Auto Detection URLs", you can use this URL:

  • https://dav.qboxmail.com/SOGo/dav/name@domain.com/

To find out the URL of any additional address books and calendars, access the Webmail, go to the Address Book or Calendar section, right-click on the calendar of interest, and select Share item. A new window will pop up. In the "Show URL" tab, you will find the URLs for the protocols:

  • CardDAV
  • CalDAV
  • WebDAV ICS
  • WebDAV XML

To access these URLs, you must always authenticate yourself first. It is not possible, presently, to publicly share a calendar or address book on the web through Qboxmail.

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