This guide will help you configure Mail, Contacts, and Calendars in Android to access the address book and calendar services offered by Qboxmail.

This way, your device will synchronize the mail, address book, and calendars in Webmail with Android. New contacts or events created in Webmail will appear on Android and vice versa.

If you need to configure your email account using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, go to the dedicated guide.



We recommend using the latest version of Android. This is to avoid issues during synchronization, thanks to the latest software updates.

Email configuration

To configure the Qboxmail email account on an Android device, you need to use the POP or IMAP protocols for receiving messages and SMTP for sending.

  • Open the client after installation (if already installed and configured, then click on the gear icon in the side menu and choose Add account);
  • Choose Other;
  • Enter username and password of the box to be configured and confirm with the Sign In key;
  • Select the type of account IMAP account.

A window will open on the screen. Enter the following information:

  • Email address: email address to configure;
  • User name: full email address;
  • Password: the password of the account;
  • IMAP server: imap.qboxmail.com;
  • Security type: SSL;
  • Port: 993;
  • SMTP server: smtp.qboxmail.com;
  • Security type: SSL;
  • Port: 465;
  • Require authentication to send emails: YES;
  • Confirm the username and password to be used for sending;
  • Click Sign In.

Once this is done, the configuration window will close and the client will start to synchronize your mail from Qboxmail. You can check that the email synchronization time frame is set correctly by following the steps shown below:

  • Open the side menu;
  • Click on the gear icon;
  • In the list, click on the account just configured;
  • Check the value of the item Email sync period and set 1 month.

Address Book and Calendar configuration with Open Sync

Once the app is installed on the Android device, follow the steps shown below:

  • Disable the optimization of the device battery by clicking in the popup that will open on Disable for opensync;
  • Install OpenTask to activate activity support;
  • Click the orange button with the 'plus' icon (+) to add the DAV account;
  • Select Login with URL and username.

Enter the data for the DAV Qboxmail server as shown below:

  • Base URL: https://dav.qboxmail.com/SOGo/dav;
  • Username: email of the account to configure;
  • Password: account password to configure;
  • Click on Login;
  • In the Contact group method field, select The groups are separate VCards;
  • Click on CREATE ACCOUNT.

After creating the account, the plugin will ask access to your Calendar and Contacts with a notification. After giving access permissions, you need to click on the account you just entered.

A tab will appear, showing all the address books and calendars of the Qboxmail account. Tick the resource(s) that you wish to synchronize and begin the first synchronization by clicking on the button with the two arrows on the top navigation bar.

Once synchronization is complete, you will be able to see all contacts and events added from Qboxmail by opening the calendar or address book application of your Android device.

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