Audit Log

The Audit log contains all the activities carried out by the accounts, dependent on a Admin, related to the use of Qboxmail services. The Audit log is a tool for analyzing the operations performed, especially useful in the event of errors or security breaches.

For each action the following information will be displayed:

  • Date on which the action was taken.
  • Account of the user who performed the action.
  • Brief description of the action carried out.
  • Country in which the action was performed.
  • Extract of system log of the action carried out.

You can filter the actions by:

  • Time frame in which the actions were performed.
  • User who performed the actions.
  • Type of action.
  • Subject of the actions.
  • Area of interest of the actions.

Selecting the item Include audits queries in results it is possible to visualize among the results of the advanced search also the same searches carried out.

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