Who is the Postmaster?

The Postmaster is responsible for the individual domain.

Who can appoint a Postmaster?

The Postmaster is automatically created with each new domain and your account has a fixed space of 50MB.

What does the Postmaster do?

The Postmaster has access to the management of his own domains and the accounts belonging to them, within the limits assigned to it.

List of postmasters

The list of postmasters contains all the postmasters present in the Qboxmail systems belonging to a Admin with the related detailed information. To view the list of postmasters click on the name on the entry Postmaster in the control panel sidebar.

Information in the postmaster list:

  • Postmaster status.
  • Name of the domain to which the postmaster belongs.
  • Postmaster email address
  • Space occupied by the postmaster account.
Status Description
updateStatus In update
enableStatus Active
disableStatus Off

Postmaster settings

To change the setting of a postmaster click on the name of the postmaster in the list of postmasters you want to modify.

  • Postmaster > Postmaster name

Master data

Section dedicated to information relating to the user who uses the postmaster.

User details

Enter the information of the user using the postmaster*.

*The available fields may vary depending on the plan chosen for the domain.


Set the language (Italian or English) and the default time zone for the postmaster.


Section dedicated to postmaster related settings and limits.

Send limits

Change the maximum number of emails that can be sent daily by the postmaster.

The increase in the maximum number of messages that can be sent by an email account involves an increase in cost.


Modify the services * available for the postmaster, set during creation:

  • POP access
  • IMAP access
  • SMTP access
  • Webmail access
  • Exchange ActiveSync
  • DAV Access
  • XMPP access

*The services available may vary according to the general domain settings.


Enter up to a maximum of 20 alternative addresses to which to send the messages received by the postmaster.


Change the delivery of spam messages to Inbox * and choose whether to reject all messages received from the postmaster by setting up an automatic reply message.

*Service availability may vary based on general domain settings.


Section dedicated to the postmaster security settings.


Set policies related to the use of access passwords for the postmaster.

  • Set a new password for the postmaster.
  • Set the mandatory password change every 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Blocks reuse old passwords.
  • Disable password change.
  • Disable password recovery.
  • Force password change on next account login.

OTP authentication

Sets the mandatory use of two-factor authentication (OTP) for the postmaster.

IP enabled

Restrict access to postmaster POP, IMAP, SMTP, Webmail and API services only to IP addresses that you feel are safe and reliable. You can specify up to a maximum of 5 IP addresses / classes. All connections coming from IP not present in the list will not be authorized.

API access

Change the postmaster's ability to access via API.


Set up an automatic reply to all messages received by the postmaster for the time interval you prefer.

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