In the Reports section, you can download detailed reports of your domains and accounts in real-time, to have a collection of useful data to monitor the progress of your account or to perform calculations and checks for your billing system.

Download a report

Access the Control Panel and go to the Reports section:

  • Choose which report you want to download > click "Download report" button

Reports are generated in standard CSV format, so that you can be easily consulted and analyzed, according to your needs, with any spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Calc, etc.) You can apply filters to CSV files or process them through your own management and billing applications.

Report Decription
Domains Detail of all the account's domains.
Alias domains Detail of all the account's alias domain.
Domains limits Detail of all the account's domains limits.
Email Account Detail of all the account's email accounts.
Email Alias Detail of all the account's email alias.
Email Archive Detail of all the account's email archives.

In the Domain Reports there is also the Manager assigned to a specific domain.

Reports are available only for Admin. Team Member and Manager do not have access to Reports.

Reporting and billing

The reports extract the Control Panel data in real time and these may not perfectly coincide with what is actually invoiced. The differences between when indicated in the Reports and what is counted on the invoice may depend on several factors:

  • A domain without an email account is billed as one 8 GB email account with a Basic plan. This email acocunt, if invoiced, is indicated with Yes in the Postmaster field in the Domain Report.
  • The Reports extract the data in real time from the panel, therefore, if made in a day or time not coincident with that of the invoicing count, there may be differences.
  • The tariffs provide for minimum numbers of billable email accounts and if these numbers are not reached, the system still invoices the minimum numbers of email accounts provided.
  • For billing purposes, the email accounts are 8 GB, 25 GB, 50 GB and 100 GB, without intermediate cuts.

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