Activation and access


To activate Qboxmail services you must register for the free trial https://www.qboxmail.it/prova-qboxmail/ entering your name, lastname, email address , selecting your country and language and accepting the Terms of Service and the processing of personal data Information on Privacy.

Once registration is complete you will receive an email with the procedure to follow to set the password to access the control panel and confirm your account.


The control panel is accessible at https://panel.qboxmail.com, entering the email address and password chosen during registration for the free trial.

You will be able to change the login email address from your account settings once you enter the control panel.

If you lose your password, you can retrieve it using the link on the login page https://panel.qboxmail.com.

The roles that can access the panel are:

Each of these roles has its own credentials and accesses the panel area provided for its role.

An email account can be the user name of up to two roles, including the User.

For example, a customer who entered the customer name as john.doe@domain.com and also has the email account with Qboxmail can access the panel as a Admin or as a User.

Role Username Password Log in as…
Admin john.doe@domain.com Panel Password Admin, you can manage all domains and email accounts, assign roles, etc.
User john.doe@domain.com Email Account Password User, you can view and manage your account settings within the set limits

If you have set the same username and password for both the email account and the panel, you will access this with the highest role and you will be able to manage it from the Settings of your account.

It is not possible to use the same email address for Admin, Team Member and Manager.

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